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Roughly 3% of your member population are taking specialty drugs; however, it represents about 25% of your total healthcare spend. Why not add value and a new revenue channel to your existing population health and care management programs by reaching patients these programs typically don’t manage?  


Let us help you with:

InterV CM - InterVRx offers turnkey care management services to better inform,  coordinate, and improve care for patients on specialty drugs, including real-time monitoring that generates alerts which can avoid costly and  adverse clinical events.  Our evidence -based specialty drug protocols are the most comprehensive in the industry, and when embedded in our automated coordinated care workflow engine and integrated with our InterV Mobile patient application, you can be certain you are getting the most comprehensive, coordinated  specialty drug care management solution available.   

InterV PA - Get all the features of InterV CM PLUS the added value of integrated prior authorization in our enhanced specialty drug care management solution.  Our clinically enhanced prior authorization (InterV PA) makes sure your specialty drug approvals and re-authorizations are the most efficient, while allowing seamless patient and provider engagement in our care management solution right at the start of therapy; optimizing your value. This solution also allows customers an efficient carve out  model for clinical management from administrative services.

InterV HUB - Would you provide the same level of customer service and care coordination for a member taking a $100,000 a year specialty drug as you do a for a conventional prescription drug costing $100s of dollars?  Unfortunately, that is the norm today.  InterveneRx recognizes this significant gap in care and service and offers clients InterV HUB, a white glove concierge service for your members that coordinates care and resolves issues that no other service provider does or even discovers!   For just 3% of your members that account for 50% of your drug spend, there’s no choice other than offering a higher level of member service.  Inquire how InterV HUB can significantly improve care coordination and even save you money.


InterV Advisory Services -  Looking to explore how you are doing in specialty drug management against best practices?  InterV Advisory Services assesses your baseline experience, and provides guidance and recommendations on opportunities to improve specialty drug management to better inform your road map.

We offer flexibility if you prefer to license these solutions to integrate with your existing environment, rather than outsourcing to InterVRx.  


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