InterveneRx Overview

At InterveneRx, our solutions always begin with the patient in mind.  Our model takes the highly fragemented system of care for specialty drug patients and brings it together with applied clinical sciences and informatics to provide the most comprehensive coordinated care management model in the industry.


InterV Advisory Services  

Need help in understanding what the opportunity in specialty drug management is for your organization?  

Our InterV Advisory Services solution assesses key baseline and historical information associated with specialty drugs in your organization and transforms that information into an opportunity analysis.   We’ll provide you with road map recommendations on how to get from point A (baseline) to point B (future state).  

The kind of information we collect depends on the specific customer, but typically includes administrative data, prior authorization data, plan design and key partner and clinical management program data.  Depending on the organization, HR data and key stakeholder interviews may also be collected.  

InterV Advisory Services is ideal for customers who want an analysis of what their current baseline environment looks like for managing specialty drugs; how to get started with specialty drug management programs or how to add further value to existing programs. 

InterV CM
InterV CM is designed for customers seeking proactive management and coordination of patients on specialty drugs.  This solution is ideal for customers who want to secure improvements in clinical quality, patient outcomes and cost savings; while having a turnkey solution for quick implementation. 
Our InterV CM solution encompasses the following components\

  • Patient and provider data intake and management

  • Patient identification and eligibility

  • InterV MobilePatient risk assessment and stratification  Patient consent and enrollmentBiometric devices including all logistics, fulfillment, patient set-up and trainingPatient and provider program introduction kits

  • Integrated InterV Knowledge Management Library Care management and monitoring (telephonic, mail, mobile, onlin

  • Call Center

  • Real-time alert monitoring and escalation

  • Clinical effectiveness determinations  

  • Coordination with providers and utilization management 

  • Comprehensive reporting package

Customers have additional flexibility in outsourcing InterV CM or integrating desired components in their environment through a licensing model.  

InterV PA

Looking to increase value and achieve more than 15% savings on your pharmacy spend?  InterV PA offers clients a turnkey prior authorization service that provides an independent clinical review with documentation for all specialty medications.  InterV PA can be implemented in under 90 days, and can include prior authorization for all drugs in your formulary requiring authorization, and even be applied to select specialty medications under  your medical benefit.   InterV PA includes the following:

  • Proprietary clinical criteria over and above formulary criteria

  • 100% documentation review

  • Concierge service for members including outreach to assure proper access and administration

  • Re-authorization using clinical progress criteria

  • Seamless integration with PBM and claims platforms

  • Transparent and comprehensive reporting and savings impact

  • Seamless integration with InterV CM for efficient enrollment of members in care management at initiation of therapy

InterV HUB

InterV HUB offers clients a full range of copay and patient financial assistance programs.  Unlike other PAP programs, we work with clients to structure and administer a benefit design that incorporates a PAP appropriate to their needs, from full drug replacement programs that contain costs for high cost medications to copay assistance for members.   InterV HUB includes identification of eligible members as well as live engagement with members and coordination with providers, to deliver superior results in securing the right PAP for members and clients.